Ball Games

Ball Games

You can head to the park for a kickabout, or use balloons, balled up socks or scrunched up tin foil to play ball games indoors.

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Ball Games Information

How quick on your feet are you? See if you can perfect your ball skills.

How will you do with the Balloon Tap challenge? Or see how many balloons you can keep in the air at once without one falling to the ground.

‘Keepie-uppies’, or ‘kick-ups’ is the skill of juggling with a football using just your feet, chest, thighs and head. How many can you do and for how long? The world record is 26 hours!

Can you throw a ball against a wall and catch it? After every catch take a step backwards. How far back can you go?

Have you tried Football Golf? Pick a point in your garden or park and see how many kicks it takes you to get there. Find a Foot Golf course near you.