Park / Playground

Park / Playground

It’s great to get outside in the fresh air. Here’s some things to try while you’re at the park or playground.

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Park / Playground Information

With friends or family, set up a mini Olympics competition with a running race, jumping race and throwing event. Who will win the gold medal?

Pretend the ground is burning hot lava! Jump and balance on park benches, tree stumps and playground equipment to keep you off the floor.

Ever tried map reading? Go to the British Orienteering website to find local park trails and downloadable maps.

If there’s a river or stream, play Pooh Sticks. Each find a small twig, drop it from one side of a bridge and see whose stick comes out the other side first. Make sure an adult is with you if you’re playing near water.

Go on a mini beast adventure! How many different beetles, bugs, butterflies and worms can you find in half an hour?