Playing Games at Home

Playing games at home

If it’s raining outside, and you’re stuck indoors, we've got some fun activities to banish the boredom!

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Make a paper aeroplane (find instructions here), and see how far you can throw it. Can you throw it further than your brother or sister?

Create an obstacle course around the room with cushions and pillows. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to go round the course. Can you beat your time?

Find that colour: Can you find an object that’s… pink? green? black? blue? Go, go go!

Try to beat a world record such as the most soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute. Find the rules and other records to beat here.

Have fun ‘Getting Flappy’ like Tyler Bernardini from Leicester Riders Basketball team and his friend Red Monkey!

Have a go at Spoon Ball!